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Colombian Coffee Tours

Coffee Trips Colombia

Colombian Coffee Tours

Explore the Coffee Region and discover magical Salento 

Trace your daily cup of coffee all the way to the coffee region, the heart of Colombia’s coffee growing region. Our aromatic Colombian coffee tours take you through the highs and lows of the Colombian coffee region by horse, by jeep, and on foot. 

In the coffee region, you’ll find the local criollo culture is still alive and well, with its long traditions of faith, family, and hospitality. Immerse yourself in its endless pastures, its leafy green plantations of coffee, bamboo, and plantain, and its colourful towns and villages. This is a chance to get your hands dirty with highly interactive visits with local families and farms.

Meet the people behind ‘sustainable’ and ‘organic’ coffee production in Colombia and get involved in the entire coffee process. Interact with coffee pickers, get involved in the selection process, roast your own coffee and enjoy coffee tasting with a professional master taster. Stay at local farms, feast on homestyle dinners, travel by Willy´s jeep, discover quaint colonial villages like Salento, Filandia & Quimbaya and get a portrait of real campesino (farmer) life in the coffee-growing heart of  Colombia.

Follow your expert guide on a trek through Los Nevados National Park, or hike through Cocora National Park, home to Colombia´s national tree. Ride a horse through wide open pastures and lush landscapes. Enjoy bird-watching in Colombia, home to 1873 bird species and the number 1 country for birds. Bird-watching in the coffee region is a must for any birder or  traveler looking for eco-tourism activities. 

Get behind the scenes, under the skin, and into the heart of Quindio & Manizales on our Colombian coffee tours and you’ll never look at your mug of coffee in the same way again. Our coffee tours are perfect for coffee fiends who want to sample life in Colombia´s coffee region.


- Learn about sustainable and organic coffee plantations 
Ride a horse through wide open pastures and lush landscapes
– Take a wild ride on an iconic Willy´s jeep
– Hike to Cocora Valley and trek to Los Nevados National Park
– Soak in the simplicity of rural life and share with local farmers

Choose from 3 to 5 night itineraries (start / finish point Armenia or Manizales)

Coffee Travel Experiences from USD 650 per person.

  • Overnight options: Coffee farm, self-sufficient farm, hotel, guesthouse, home-stay, camping. 
  • Activity options: Coffee tasting, hiking, horse-back riding, bird-watching, home-cooking. 
  • Transport options (shared or private): Jeep Willy´s, minivan, taxi.
  • Inclusions: Carbon offset and social project contribution, bilingual travel expert, local community-guides and welcome handicraft.
  • Departure type: On request.
  • Group size: Minimum 2, maximum 10. 
  • Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German.
  • Contact us for tailor-made options including flexible departure dates and private tours


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